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One of the fundamental purposes of educational research is to provide evidence to facilitate effective practice. Frequently reported barriers to gathering evidence in education are poor access to good quality, relevant research, and the lack of timely research outputs. Encouraging collaboration between researchers, policymakers and practitioners to enhance the skills of all three stakeholders are crucial if we are to provide concrete actionable insights to learning. The Festival of Learning in the UK in 2018 is an excellent opportunity to address some of the education hurdles and to leap forward.

In the Learning Sciences, there is a great deal of innovative work that is related to applying theory to practice. The main purpose of the conference’s Practitioner Track is to share reflections and examples of quality research with practitioners to initiate further collaborations between education researchers and practitioners in schools. Possible future collaborations might include both small and large-scale interventions, longitudinal studies and case studies of practice. All ideas are welcome.

Papers submitted to the practitioner track will be peer-reviewed according to a set of criteria that focus on practice. The main criteria being the paper’s overall quality and relevance.

Please include:

  1. a description of the intervention
  2. information about the context from which results were generated
  3. an explanation of the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation
  4. connection of the paper to the main conference theme.

It should be noted that sales pitches are not in the spirit of the conference. Overt or covert sales pitches of educational technology products will not be accepted. Reviewers will be looking for evidence that a paper takes into account the four criteria listed above. Further guidelines for papers are:

  • 3 pages minimum and 6 pages maximum (set out in the MS Word template)
  • Written in English
  • Not needed for blind review ie put your name (and second/third authors), contact details and name of your organisation on the paper
  • Submitted to
  • To be submitted to the Practitioner Track by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8), February 28, 2018
  • Notification of the outcome of the review process – available from mid-April.


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